Fibre to Fabric – Complete Testing Solutions

Fibre to Fabric – Complete Testing Solutions

05 Nov 2016

MAG is working towards improving the quality of textiles. MAG has facilities in Coimbatore that is spread over 4 acres of land just at the outskirts of the textile city. The campus that house entire operations of the company – the R&D facilities, manufacturing units, service centers along with administrative offices.

With humble beginning in early 90s; today, Mag Solvics has grown manifold in terms of its R&D activities, product portfolio, market size, service networks and of course gained undisputed trust and confidence from the company’s numerous customers across the country and the globe. Thanks to its intensive R&D efforts that helped the company to introduce even critical quality control equipments that not only meets the high technological challenges but also meets customer’s need to improve quality of the finished products and set new standards.

The quality of textile goods has been evolving every year, every decade. Say for example, the overall quality of 30s cotton yarn in 1980s and today have considerable difference. Same is true for a fabric of yesteryear and today. “With the advancement in textile manufacturing technology, quality of finished products has improved considerably and quality control equipment manufacturers must be equipped to measure the change and accommodate the need of the textile manufacturers. That needs continued focus on R&D efforts for companies like us”, said M Gangadharan, Executive Director of Mag Solvics. With such commitments on R&D and market needs, Mag Solvics has travelled a path that portraits a success story of its own kind. The company’s mission says “To aggrandize the customer satisfaction and our image universally along with the constant growth and long lasting services”. The success of the company and its products can also be measured from its performance itself. With over 3600 customers and 7000 installations within the country and abroad reflects its journey, trust and customer confidence on its products- be in fiber, yarn or fabric testing, Mag Solvics offers complete quality control solution form fiber to fabric. The product basket as offered by the company includes everything that a composite textile mill might require to set up a modern QA laboratory. The state-of-the-art testing equipments are capable of delivering the quality testing and monitoring need of all parameters of a quality conscious textile mill for its raw material, intermediate products as well as finished products. Thus, Mag Solvics offers one stop solution to textile firms, be it HVI testing of raw cotton which is the raw material or be it testing of unevenness of yarn or bursting strength testing of grey or finished fabric, the product portfolio includes specific equipment for each parameter. The long list of satisfied customers includes Alok Industries, Welspun, Vardhaman, Rajapalayam Mills etc. In fact, the company has exported its products to well known textile mills to over 14 countries across the globe.

With such large product portfolio, the company also needs a wider sales and service network to cater large customer base. So, Mag has joined hands with one of India’s premier textile machinery sales and service company A.T.E Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. for handling the sales of its equipments. With A.T.E’s long standing experience and relationship with the Indian textile industry, Mag Solvics has the opportunity to cater to larger customer base across India. The company’s commitment to provide trustworthy, smart and standardized solution to earn highest level of customer satisfaction continues and with A.T.E’s sales support company aims at delivering the best to the market.

MAG Speak

Is quality still an issue with Indian textiles? Indian textile has improved tremendously, as compared to a decade ago. But there is still contamination and impurities in say, for example, cotton. This eventually affects the final quality of the end product. In today’s competitive market environment, quality matters the most. It is the important factor that sustains a business. Good quality brings repeat orders to suppliers. Thus, quality control instruments play a critical role in textile mills.

What goes into creating these high precision instruments? The R&D is the core of our product development. Our R&D team consists of four divisions: Electronics, Mechanical designing, Software and Secretariat (evaluation). Also, our service is 24×7. Additionally, we offer a 12 month warranty – including replacement. For special components like imported gears, we offer a 7 years replacement warranty. We believe and deliver machines of high standards and accuracy.

Any new product launch? What are your growth plans?

The HVT fibre tester was launched in 2004 by MAG. In this SIMA exhibition 2010, we have launched Automatic FibroSampler to prepare the samples for length & strength test and we have launched Gtrash (Gravemetric Trash separator) to determine the exact trash content in cotton fibre/ raw materials of the mills by using buoyancy principle. The G trash has received good response in the exhibition, particularly corporate customers of south who buy cotton fibre in huge quantities. We have technical supports from SITRA and many more, not only from India but also from Germany. Another special feature about our R&D is they not only do innovation, but they actively participate in contest organized by World class Associations for cotton like CSITC – Global Round Trials test conducted by International Cotton Advisory Committee, USA & Bremen Cotton Round Test conducted by Laboratory of the BREMEN Cotton Exchange, Germany. By continuously participating in this kind of instrument evaluation contest our R&D proves that their innovation is strong.

How has business been, especially considering the slowdown of 2008-09?

Spinning industry is doing ok now, as compared to 2008 and ’09. The fiber side is contributing to our growth. Irrespective of the business cycle, we are doing ok. Our pricing is competitive and we have a well networked marketing partner in A.T.E. We chose them because of their wide customer base.